Adopt Don't Shop

Dogs are the best gift you can ever receive, even if it is Christmas.

As it’s coming up to Christmas, I see a lot of people either looking for a dog to buy as a gift, or people complaining about those who are. 

I understand completely that ‘dogs are for life not just for Christmas’, and I wholeheartedly agree with the first part. In my opinion, there is no greater gift in life than a dog, whether you get it for Christmas or on any other day of the year. I see absolutely nothing wrong with giving a dog a home for Christmas, as long as you plan to give it a home for the rest of its life.

However, what I don’t agree with, and what I definitely don’t like, is the constant need/want for bred, expensive, almost ‘branded’ pups. Puppies that have been bred simply for the owners to make profit or smuggled in from other countries. Most of which, don’t survive the journey or are in horrible conditions throughout.

There are local kennels and dog shelters all around the UK – and so many dogs and pups looking for forever homes, that would love to be adopted over Christmas, and the money you spend on buying a dog from a shelter will go straight back in to caring for the other animals. 

Lola - a 3 year old Jack Russell

Jessie - a 13 year old German Shepherd/Collie

I understand how it might not seem like a ‘safe’ choice, as you can’t always know the dogs background, but the staff at these kennels and shelters ensure that a dog is safe for the situation it will go into. Whether that’s being around children or other dogs/animals.

I have always had a pet dog since I was born, and every single one of them has come from a shelter or kennel, or someone who has had to get rid of their dog for unfortunate reasons. 

My fur babies are my best friends in life. If I got a dog for Christmas, I would be ecstatic. 

What’s wrong with promoting dogs from kennels and shelters? Everyone in that situation, including the dogs, will benefit. Whether it’s for Christmas or not.

#Adoptdontshop. #stoppuppysmuggling

What’s your opinion on getting dogs for Christmas?


Beth Oliver