Audio Branding: What are your options?

Kathryn looks at the different types of audio branding.

With 97% of multinational brand managers believing that music can strengthen a brand [1], choosing to boost your company’s identity with audio branding is easy. The hardest part is deciding what course of action is best for you.


Let’s take a look at the options:

  1. Sonic Logo

    A sonic logo is the audio equivalent of visual branding, but instead of shapes and colours, it expresses your brand’s identity through a short sequence of notes. It’s a catchy earworm that wiggles its way into the mind of the consumer and triggers instant brand recall. This brief audio sting is a sure-fire way of leaving a lasting impression upon all who hear it.

  2. Bespoke Music

    An exclusive track that connects to your brand, and ultimately, your brand to the consumer. Starting from a clean slate means your brand can grow its own identity without bias associated with well-known tracks, and since the track is unique to your brand, consumers know exactly who it is.

  3. Well-Known Music

    For instant impact, a well-known track is the way to go. Using a famous and beloved piece of music allows brands to make a bold statement with the perfect message. With a connection to the consumer already formed, the established song has the ability to mould brand perceptions quickly.  

So yes, the hardest part is definitely deciding which option is best - but that’s why we’re here. We can help you choose the right path for your brand, and make sure the journey is as easy and successful as possible.

Get in touch and let’s talk audio branding!




[1] Radiocentre, Hitting the right note for brands, 2016.