Baby girl found her giggle

Simon is still discovering the joys of parenthood, as well as the sleepless nights...

It was a fairly ordinary Sunday afternoon. My wife, three-year-old boy, and 4 month-old-girl, Sophia, were playing in the living room while I was doing some dishes in the kitchen. I've loved having a laugh and giggle with Alex, he's developed a great sense of humour. Of course, like any 3-year-old he's still discovering boundaries in play. But the smallest thing can set him off giggling and laughing. Daddy has one cross look that seems to set him off. Hide and seek... it's not hard to pinpoint the giggling from behind the curtains. Oh, and he does the best grumpy face with arms folded across his chest.

Sophia has always been a smiley baby, and bright, following people around the room with a curious look but what I heard that afternoon was her uninhibited laughter. It seems her favourite comedy style is a fairly unsophisticated form of slapstick. Alex was jumping around and doing his comedy ballet routine. She was screaming with laughter and giggling at her brother's silly faces.

Long may it continue.

If you close your eyes, and listen, you can see their faces on that sunny afternoon!

From time to time it's great to find our giggle again. We live fast lives, busy lives and "social" isolated lives. We see funny stuff on Facebook and share it straight faced. But it's great to get among people who keep us giggling, my children certainly do that!

Simon Rushton