Back To School...

Graham uses his ‘World of Work’ school talk to demonstrate the power of creativity.

I was recently asked to take part in a presentation to the pupils at my son’s school. It was for their ‘World Of Work’  project where, as the name suggests, parents attend the school to talk about the ins and outs of their chosen careers.

I wanted to make sure the kids got as much out of it as possible – so a one-way ‘I talk, you listen’ presentation just wasn’t going to cut it.  

Now, I’ve never spoken in front of a class full of expectant 9 year olds before but what I do know is how to ‘make people engage’ – it’s what we’re famous for at Get Carter Productions. And, further to that, the power of creativity to engage.

I opened with a picture of our office which, from outside, looks like many other offices around the UK.

“I work here...but, I also work here.”

AUDIO: Pull up sounds of the jungle, there’s something moving, it’s getting closer and then suddenly...

“And work here sometimes too...”

We cut to the famous sound of the first moon landing, “it’s one small step...”. Then a flying saucer arrives with an extra-terrestial greeting: “Earthlings, welcome to our planet which you call the moon”

I played various other soundbeds we’d created to demonstrate audio’s power in painting pictures, transporting the listener and sustaining their attention.

The reaction was brilliant, the kids’ faces lit up!

Letting the audio do the talking was speaking volumes about what we do and the power of audio to draw people in.

Then, when I announced that “today, we’re going to make our very own commercial for your school”, the roof nearly came off with the excitement!

The kids beavered away thinking of their favourite things about Kells Lane Primary that would impress the listener.

Then, using our portable recording equipment, I individually recorded all 60 pupils in my son’s year group.

The kids came up with the idea of adding a chant which we recorded together on the count of 3: “KELLS LANE RULES!”

The enthusiasm was awesome!

Then it was back to the studio to edit and mix the voices, add music and the finishing touches. Want to hear the results? Just click below...

Well done Year 4 of Kells Lane - you did a great job as radio creatives! – give it another 10 years or so then send us your CVs!