What you should have done over the bank holiday

If you’d rather stay in the house, you should definitely read this!

The bank holiday has come and gone, and I sincerely hope you’ve all done something interesting and not just sat in the house waiting for this gorgeous sunshine to go away!

If you did that’s completely up to you, and good on you for having such a steadfast attitude, but you’re wrong. Now let me try to open your mind and tell you about some activities you can try out next time the big fireball in the sky comes out to play.

1. Go on a nature ramble

Rambling adventures are great, you feel like you’re part of a huge, living, breathing world and it really gives you a different perspective on life. I went to Linhope Spout Waterfall over the weekend and the views were absolutely gorgeous, I genuinely thought I’d never get sick of the colour green; and that’s coming from a millennial who loves all things art deco.

So, I recommend getting some comfy shoes, packing a bag full of snacks and a cool bottle of water, and to just throw yourself into your own mini rambling adventure!

2. Catch some sun at the beach

If you’re looking for something less adventurous than a nature ramble, then why not do what everyone else in Britain does when it gets mildly warm? Go to the beach!

The beach has a lot of things going for it: you get to smell the salty air and feel the sand between your toes, there’s ice cream and fish and chips on tap, and you can nap in the afternoon and not feel judged! #NapGoals

Thanks to my partner, I recently discovered Seaton Sluice beach; it’s an absolute hidden gem, and I implore everyone who’s reading this blog to check it out whenever they can.

So, take a picnic, bring a towel, and get involved with your new beach life!

3. Have a BBQ

If you’re looking for something less adventurous than a beach trip, then why not do what every Dad does in Britain when it gets slightly brighter than usual? Have a BBQ!

Okay, rambling and beach napping could obviously be too much for some people, so this is the bare minimum of activity I can think of that still allows you to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather.

BBQ’s are universally loved, and you may think “Hang on a minute you Millennial know-it-all, I actually hate BBQs!” Well let me tell you right now, you’re wrong! You may think you hate them*, but I bet when you hear the line “We’re having a BBQ” you get the “Meat butterflies” in your stomach, and will non-stop think about all the sausages and burgers you’re going to cram in your mouth (whilst still being socially acceptable!)

Moan all you like but BBQ’s are social gatherings that are always (secretly) enjoyed.

So, I hope I’ve opened your mind to trying out new experiences, and for you to get out of the house on the next bank holiday. Which incidentally is on the 26th - 28th of May!

Now, go get some Vitamin D!

Eric Wansell

*Vegetarians, you’re off the hook as you may actually hate them…