The Best Tools for the Job

Graham tells us why he loves our new campaign for Toolstation

Our new campaign for Toolstation has just gone live across the UK’s airwaves and it’s what we’d call in the North East, a belta!  

Toolstation is already one of the biggest players in the UK’s tool and trade supplies market BUT they’re not resting on their laurels, they’ve got ambitious plans for 2018 and beyond.

So they briefed us to create a radio campaign as bold and confident as their ambitions…and we’ve absolutely delivered.

We needed an idea that could demonstrate just how competitive Toolstation are on pricing, how impressive their speed of service is, the convenience of their locations and the quality of their products.

We needed to show that, when it comes to saving time and money, Toolstation are…


Have a listen here:

Hard Fi’s “Hard To Beat” is a definite favourite in the Toolstation customer’s playlist (real or hypothetical) and it’s the perfect backdrop to support each and every campaign message – we pitched the idea and it was a resounding YES from the client, so we got straight to work.

In conjunction with the band’s publishers, we negotiated the license and secured all the relevant approvals, re-recorded the track from scratch and brought everything together with scripts that pack a punch and the brilliant voice that is Lee Boardman.

It just works perfectly – right from the confident swagger of that unmistakable guitar riff’s first strum.

So, when it comes to creating strong, stand out radio ads, you could say Get Carter Productions is….

Graham Bridgewood