Bridget’s big day out

Forget being busy ALL the time, life’s about balance…

Recently, after a lot of de-cluttering the house and decorating with little human interaction in the form of socialising, I realised that all work and no play is just plain rubbish and leads to the personality traits of a tired toddler.

So, now that the work has been done I realise it’s time for some fun, therefore, Friday this week is officially ‘Bridget Day’. Location – Anywhere I Damn Well Please.

After booking myself some free time on my calendar, my first stop will be brunch at Grumpy Panda, (which is a vegan café in Gateshead). The café itself is set in a beautiful Victorian terraced house, and the interior is in the style of an American Diner, the beauty of it for me (what with me being of the vegetarian persuasion) is that I don’t have to worry about what I can and can’t eat on the menu, which is rare.

After Grumpy Panda, it’ll be over to the smart side of the Tyne Bridge and to my fave cinema, The Tyneside, which is an independent cinema and, although recently refurbished, is properly old-fashioned – it’s been too long old friend.  I’ve decided to go see the psychological horror film ‘Mother’.  Psychological horror is not my usual genre of chosen film; however, how can I resist Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem among the star-studded cast?

No plans as yet for the evening but anything could happen now that I’m up for some playing out time.

The old adage ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is certainly true, and I’m sure many people will relate to it when they’ve had a project/goal and are seeing it to the very end, only to realise that life’s been happening out there while you’ve been busy.  You pop back into life and remember that you might just have to plan some fun times and not just one project after another.

Being busy can be useful at times if it gets the job done, however, we live in a culture of busy-ness – there's even a series of busyness related programmes on Radio 4, presented by Oliver Burkeman; the episode I caught covered not only why people are busy all the time, but also, that busy has become an adjective for being/feeling/seeming important, or so some people appear to think! 

I’ve also read the Huffington Post blog ‘Busy is a Sickness’ by Scott Dannemillar. When asked how he is, he replied that he’s “busy”, “crazy busy”, or even “it’s nutballs” … his friends would often respond in agreement.  He states that we often wear busyness as a badge of honour yet there is no honour to be had in being busy and tired all the time.  I particularly liked his outlook to ‘Stop defining myself by my doing, and start defining myself by my being’ advising us to stop measuring time by the clock on the wall and start measuring it by shared experiences with loved ones.

Life’s short, and shit happens, we all need to stop and smell the roses while we still can.  We must remember that everything in life is a balance, get that balance right and you could end up being a happier and healthier person.

Tomorrow balance will be restored in my life…for a few hours anyway.

Bridget Carter

All images credited to Grumpy Panda and Protozoa Pictures