Ch-Ch-Changes: Impacts To Business

In a world full of changes, one thing must stay the same…

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Turn and face the strange.” 

Honestly, I don’t think I could’ve phrased the effects of the pandemic any better than David Bowie. 

The changes certainly have been strange - no social interaction, limited travel, extensive hand washing and even wearing a mask! 

This isn’t limited to our private lives either, the workplace has been drastically affected too. 

Only a year ago offices were buzzing with life. Boardrooms were filled with handshakes, trains were packed with conference goers, pubs were jumping with employee nights out, and restaurants had business lunches on the menu. 

Now we’re faced with working from home, video conferencing, PPE investment and application, and even staff restructuring and office closures. It’s enough to make your head spin. Despite all the ongoing changes, there is one thing that must be a constant for your business, and that’s creative advertising. 

No matter where we find ourselves in life, our emotional connection to engaging material remains. We haven’t sanitised our feelings, despite the literal attempts to scrub ourselves clean. The sneezing panda is still hilarious, Chesney Hawkes’ one-hit wonder is still memorable, and Captain Tom’s walk around his garden is still inspirational. It’s this ability to connect, that becomes the driving force behind whether something sticks with our conscious mind or not. 

If I gave you a shopping list and asked you to repeat it a few hours later, you’d probably struggle. If I gave you the same list in the form of a song, you’d more than likely rattle it off straight away. This is because the creative spin I applied made imprinting the content upon your psyche much easier. 

And it’s applying such ingenuity to your brand messaging that’s going to keep your business at the forefront of people’s minds today, and in the future. 

Get Carter Productions is the perfect place to start. We’re masters when it comes to creativity, and for us, that’s the one thing that will never change. 

So, get in touch, and we’ll show you exactly how creative we can be. Ultimately helping make a positive change to your business.

Kathryn Humphreys