Chessington World Of Adventures

Graham’s bed-time reading puts him right in the zone for Chessington’s new brief.

When a new brief comes in...sometimes it’s a case of re-familiarising yourself with the product or service...sometimes you’ve not experienced the subject matter and so need to research, test, enquire.

But then other times you’ve read the book to your toddler approximately 3,452 times so there’s nothing you don’t know!! 

So, when the brief arrived to advertise the new “Gruffalo Christmas Groove” as part of Chessington World Of Adventures’ festive days out, I was right in the zone. 

The creative strategy was instantly obvious to us...we knew that just one mention of “purple prickles” or “terrible claws” would deliver instant recognition from almost every younger parent and child in the country (they’ve all read the book thousands of times too!!) 

And who would be better qualified to communicate the message than a wonderful 6 year old girl! Her brilliant vocal performance delivered an undeniably cute and appealing sound, playing alongside the ‘Mum’ character and backed by a stirring festive orchestral piece to really conjure the magic of Christmas! 

Have a listen to the commercial below and let us know what you think.

It’s ‘live’ across the South East as we speak, on the Heart Network, and the festive fun starts at Chessington from December 1st.

So, if you’ve read the book once...or a few more times like’re sure to love a trip to the Gruffalo’s special festive performance – just don’t forget to tell them you heard all about it on the lovely radio advert ;-) 

Graham Bridgewood