Christmas is coming!

Get your stockings hung, dust off your baubles, and untangle those lights cos Christmas is coming in fast!

Now that November the 25th has come and gone (if you haven’t read the blog in question here’s the link. Catch up!) I can finally talk about Christmas. Yes, it’s happening, you can’t cover your ears and pretend not to listen because it’s November, you have 26 days until the big day! So, if you’re not feeling “Christmassy” yet I’ve got some bad news, it’s not society that’s wrong, it’s you.

Allow me to explain.

I have the luxury of having a girlfriend who is absolutely mad about Christmas. Seriously, if you mention “Love Actually” she will recite any scene in glorious fashion. She’s an unadulterated Christmas nutter if ever there was one. Because of this, we tend to plan Christmas presents ridiculously early, we decorate the house pre-December, and we listen to Michael Bublé on repeat.

This year has been no exception.

On Saturday the 25th we achieved Christmas euphoria as we bought the last few presents for our friends and families. Like Frodo and his quest to destroy the one ring, our strenuous journey known as “Christmas shopping” was over.  I can’t quite explain the feeling we had after finishing the shopping early, but to me it kind of felt like I was floating, floating on a cloud made of pure Christmas magic. I imagine it felt like when Kryten in Red Dwarf would get something right and activate “Smug Mode”.

If you’ve never seen Red Dwarf, then a) What are you doing with your life? And b) Get involved.

When we arrived home, after listening to Michael Bublé in the car, we continued with the euphoric feeling of Christmas bliss by wrapping presents and listening to as many Christmas songs as physically possible. I was in charge of the music and went straight to Spotify to create a playlist based on the plethora of “Greatest Christmas Songs Of All Time” albums that you see around this time of the year.

Quick side note, I was glancing the trending page of YouTube and saw Sia’s “Santa’s Coming For Us” at #1. I had heard she was producing a Christmas album, so I watched the music video, which was a who’s who of pop culture celebs throughout, and in the end, I lost myself to Sia’s seductively squeaky tones. I was swayed, and eagerly added it to our Christmas 2017 playlist.  Give it a listen and let me know what you think, as it’s a very divisive song!

Sia – Santa’s Coming For Us – 2017 

 As I was saying, we listened to as many Christmas songs as humanly possible, we finished the wrapping, decorated our tree, and put the lights up around the living room and front porch. When we were finished, I distinctly remember that feeling of Christmas magic sneak back into my life. That feeling was a welcome one. I don’t know about you, but the older I got, the more I started to feel less and less “Christmassy” as the years went on. That was all until I met my girlfriend, Becca. Her genuine love of Christmas and her unwavering positivity shining through like a mistletoe covered Christmas beacon of love and hope, reignited a Holly Jolly Christmas flame inside of me that I currently think we all need.

So, if you want to have a more joyful life around this time of the year, then you need to surround yourself with positive people who will bring the best out in you. If you’re not ready for Christmas yet then you need to get prepared as soon as possible, and you have to get involved with every activity on offer and not hold back. If you need to go into the loft to get the Christmas décor, then you do it with the biggest smile that’s humanly possible, and decorate the house like a scene from Elf!

This shouldn’t be one of those hard life lessons like learning how to become a normal member of society, but to just enjoy everything that’s put in your way. You need to lose yourself to that Christmas magic. So, here’s a challenge for you, instead of tutting at the radio when a Christmas song comes on, I dare you to sing along with it.

Eric Wansell

 P.S. Here’s our Christmas 2017 Spotify playlist. You’re welcome!