Complacency.The root of all evil

Matthew asks - are we all guarding against complacency?

It’s a while since I have updated you about the progress of Woody our 18 month old family pooch. He and I are still hard at it in relation to the Kennel Club ‘good citizen training’. In my last bulletin he had just passed his Bronze certificate.

He then accelerated over the next few months into a position where, dare I say it, satisfaction was beginning to set in on my part. To the point where we missed a few training weeks over the summer. Then with two weeks to go to the Silver Exam – its all gone Pete Tong! “Our Woody”, as the trainer calls him – I am currently using some stronger words , has decided that sitting down in the same spot for the required two minutes, is something he no longer deems necessary. My satisfaction was actually complacency.

Anyway, this set me away thinking. Are you perfectly happy with your current radio/audio provider? Is your radio advertising cutting through? Do you have a sonic identity? Have they, or indeed you, become complacent?

This then moved me onto revisiting a sentence from our Mission statement.

“If we can deliver better and more effective solutions than our competitors we will help our existing clients grow, and we’ll attract new clients when they can see the clear benefits of working with us.”


If the above appeals to you or anybody you know give me a shout.

Woody and I have our final training session on Saturday before the exam on Sunday. I’ll let you know what happens.

Matthew Bromham