Eric & Becca go on holiday and try out joint vlogging for the first time!

After reading Bridget’s Blog, I felt inspired to talk about my own experience with the adage “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” but with a Get Carter twist (being personal, fun, & interactive!)

I remember waking up with a confident swagger, knowing full well that I had everything packed for the week ahead. I vividly recall that sick/excited feeling you get when you’re nervous but eager for the day… Rightly so, as we were off on our very first holiday abroad as a couple!

For us, it was a pretty big deal. So, we wanted to try and do something different to remember the holiday… We decided to create a vlog! Becca gave me some tips about vlogging, since she has her own YouTube channel and vlogs bi-weekly! She’s a true millennial and embraces the digital age!

The filming started as soon as we got to Newcastle airport, and as we ate our pasties in the Greggs café we agreed to jointly record our experience, but we’d edit our own vlogs using the same footage. Just so we could see what the other would do creatively! (Yes, we’re that kind of couple)

So, here’s our first ever vlog together, on our very first holiday abroad, edited by me!

It just goes to show what you can achieve whilst having the time of your life.

Eric Wansell