Day 9 - Carcassone to Pezanas

After their well deserved rest, the two now head back out into hills, thunderous clouds, and arse pain. Go get em boys!

After waking up to the realisation that we'd 'rested' way too hard the night before, breakfast was a struggle - and hitting the road I was full of apprehension.

The cool morning air, and a 5mph tail wind (for the first time this trip) soon blew away the cobwebs though - and we did our 'day' in just over 2 hours. Skirting around the southern edge of the Massif Central, we could see the thunder clouds scudding by on our left, while we enjoyed the hot sun. So, getting to Narbonne we averaged almost 18mph. We cracked on to Bezziers, and finished up well on the way to our following day's objective of Montpelier by about 3-00pm - having done 66 miles.

The Languedoc region is full of surprises though... As we zipped along towards a place called Nissan, I was suddenly aware that the opening to a farmer's field was full of women in very short, very tight dresses, all on mobile phones, and all pacing in concentric circles. It was honestly the funniest sight I've seen in years - almost pythonesque. It's like the female cast of Geordie Shore had been driven out 5 miles from the nearest habituation and told to survive.

At 5-00pm we checked into our robo-hotel - the sort of place they build on major road junctions with ample parking and retail outlets on every side. After the charm and popularity of Carcassonne, it's a good place to unpack, shower, eat and sleep - with no attachments to form, and all with tomorrow's mission in mind.

Tomorrow we ride on Arles - nearly 80 miles in 23 degrees’ heat. What could possibly go wrong...?

Paul Carter

The town on the hill in the background was lovely - certainly the nicest place I've been completely lost in so far...