Why De-Couple?

It's time to play the field.

As a major advertiser and big media spender, you’ve almost certainly partnered up with agency professionals to come up with your creative strategy and plan your media.

At the pitch stage (or first date) they’ll tell you that there’s nothing they can’t and won’t do for you – and they make you feel it will be a match made in heaven.

But as the relationship develops, maybe they don’t quite make the effort they once used to – and you find out that they’re not quite the partner you thought they were.

You may find out that they outsource a lot of the work they bill you for – because they just don’t have the capacity or skillset in house to provide what you need. It’s the little things that give them away – a random file-name here or undeleted email recipient there – but you know you’re not talking to the person who actually does your work…so you never get ALL the creative’s feedback and expertise, and you’re always kept at arm’s length.

But isn’t that the essence of what makes your role so exciting – dealing directly with ideas, and harnessing the power of the people who generate them?

So you have to make a choice. Do you stay in a co-dependent relationship where your choices may be limited, and your complaints sometimes fall on deaf ears – or do you decide that it’s time to spread your wings and get out there and have some fun?

We’re not home-wreckers here at Get Carter Productions – in fact we’re the first to acknowledge that the relationship between a client and their agency is sacred and vital for all sorts of practical and ethical reasons – but if we can work with you AND your agency openly and respectfully, we KNOW you’ll be happier with the results. It’s the reason why we’re a trusted partner in so many Client/Agency relationships – it’s not kinky, it’s just good business.

So if you need anything radio, music and audio – it might be time to swipe right, and let us show you a good time. And if you’re an agency, why not spice things up a bit and get us involved? We’re very discreet, and we always respect the Safe Word.

Paul Carter