Experience of a Lifetime?

Why my generation would rather pay for ‘experiences’ than material objects.

In this day and age, it is so easy to own material things, especially with technology. There’s always something new coming out that it becomes genuinely difficult to keep up with the latest trends. But one thing that I’ve found through my own personal experiences and the traits of my friends, is that nowadays, we would rather do something, than own something.

Paying for an ‘experience’ (a day out) is a much more attractive way to spend your time and money, at least it is in my opinion.

I would much rather spend my money going out. Whether it’s simply to go out for a meal and a trip to the cinema with my friends, or doing something extravagant - like visiting a theme park, a Go Ape centre, a castle, a zoo! There are so many amazing things that you can actually do and to me, that just sounds way more fun then spending my money on something material that I probably don’t need (says the lady with 43 pairs of shoes). 

But it's true! And yes, I am a spender – I love buying things and owning things – but not because they’re current or trendy or the latest bit of kit. I just like things. But I’m telling you now if I had the opportunity to get a £200 branded handbag or a £200 adventure – I’d take the adventure in a heartbeat. 

Why? The main reason, memories. When you think back about the good times of your life it’s not that shopping trip where you got the latest Apple Phone or Nike Trainers. It’s that time you and your friends almost died laughing on a rollercoaster, or screaming your heart out at a concert, or the time you met your favourite actor at a convention, or animal at the zoo! All those experiences, even though they technically lasted that one day, will literally give you a lifetime of happy memories. Alongside that, you can take a ton of photos to look back on, enhancing that memory even more, enabling you to share your experiences with other people. Those memories can’t break or become out-dated or un-trendy, they’ll always be there, you’ll always have done it.

That seems way more satisfying then just buying something material, wouldn’t you agree?

Beth Oliver