Fame & Fortune

The route to instant recognition?

For many decades in the advertising industry, a ‘celebrity endorsement’ has long been considered a sure-fire way to achieve immediate and positive traction, for brands large and small. Whether it’s Jennifer Aniston saying Because I’m worth it on behalf of L’Oreal. 

Philip Schofield suggesting you can get your car valued in the time it takes him to trim his hedge at Webuyanycar.com. 

Or, time-lord Tom Baker bellowing words describing the ‘utter vastness’ of Tyneside Autoparc.

Across the years we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment. All willing to lend their instantly recognisable vocal tones to businesses as diverse as the smallest local bathroom showroom, to the biggest national brands.

But why would you use a well-known voice? And who would you use?

Why? Can essentially be summed up as one of two possible reasons.

“I want someone to be a visible and instantly recognisable ambassador for our business. They reflect our brand values perfectly, and I’m willing to pay for the instant positive association they bring”.  


“I want someone to be the ‘audible embodiment’ of our business. Their vocal attributes reflect our brand values perfectly and are highly likely to appeal to the majority of our customers, when broadcast on the radio.

Who? Then becomes the Million Dollar Question of course. Perhaps quite literally, in some cases! Of course, we can’t tell you which celebrity to consider. But as experienced specialists, we can point out some of the potential pitfalls to ponder before venturing down the road to stardom.

Budget. I just joked about the ‘million-dollar question’. But the most we’ve ever been quoted in the celeb-sphere is £10 Million! Reality check: Before you get too excited, check your budget and get ballpark costings.

Brand match. The cheeky mass-market appeal of Rylan Clark makes him a highly effective ambassador for the upstart online car retailer – Cinch. Reality check: Russell Brand is also cheeky, and also a celebrity. But would you really consider him for that same campaign?

Barge-Pole. So, you find a celebrity who is within your budget and also a perfect brand match. But should you really touch them with one? Are they professional and reliable? You may be surprised how many aren’t. Are they controversially outspoken on social media? Are they likely to become embroiled in a serious and unseemly scandal sometime in the future?

It's certainly a big decision, with many crucial factors to consider. But fear not, there are loads of suitable celebs who are willing and able to talk it like you walk it. And when the time is right, Get Carter Productions have the knowledge and the contacts to get your business on the red carpet. If that’s where you think it belongs.

Mark Gregory