The Farne Islands

If you like birds or fish based chemical warfare, we guarantee that you'll love this blog.

I am due a great deal of luck sometime soon. That's what my bird poo speckled baseball cap tells me...

I took my son Alex to the Farne Islands last week, baby number 2 and wife stayed in Seahouses. Now I've been to the Massai Mara a few times, Tsavo National park 4 times. I've seen Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Rhino and errr... the other one of the big five. It was amazing. But we forget about the wonderful nature right here in the UK. 

The Farne islands are just a 20-minute converted fishing boat ride from Seahouses on the coast of Northumberland. We watched seals bobbing in the water, with eyes almost as wide and curious as my son's. We landed and walked among the nesting terns, that dive bombed us and pecked at my head. Then, much to Alex's delight they delivered a package of fish based chemical warfare over my jacket and hat.

Puffins took off and landed with colourful rainbow bills packed with glistening silver sand eels. Alex remained calm but fascinated by the nesting Kittiwakes, Shags and a Razorbill. Then, as a special treat on the way back we spotted at least three dolphins. One large adult and what appeared to be a mother and older calf.

Sometimes you forget what's on your doorstep.

Simon Rushton