Like father, like son…

Graham’s boy is more than ready to follow in his Dad’s scriptwriting footsteps

My 7-year-old son is learning about persuasive writing at school this term. 

English is his favourite subject AND he can wrap his Mum and me around his little finger – so the art of persuasion is definitely in his skill set!

Last week he told me he had to write an advert for a holiday in the Rainforest. So, I thought I’d go all technical and let him know about the briefing process we use at work: explaining the who, what, why…

Who are we talking to? “People who are looking for an exciting holiday!”

What do we want them to do? “Book online NOW!”

Why should they do it? “Unforgettable adventures, strange creatures, piranha fishing and kayaking!”

He brought home his finished script idea and there are some classic lines in it…

“Making boring plans for your holidays? Give up on them and visit Rainbow Rainforests!” Give up?! - Brilliant!

“This is a once in a lifetime, so don’t just stand there, book it!” Wow, that’s quite an aggressive pitch!

BUT it didn’t end there…

Over the last couple of nights, he’s taken things to the next level; replacing his usual bedtime reading routine with commercial writing sessions (!!) – tackling ads he’s seen on the TV that he thinks he can improve.

Last night the spotlight was shone on Deliveroo – and I’m loving the results!

The ad opens in a kitchen – a man is in there, he’s talking to himself…

“What’s for lunch? I’ll look in the fridge”

He opens the fridge door. Inside it’s almost entirely empty apart from a tiny kangaroo (ala the Deliveroo logo) standing on one of the shelves.

The kangaroo then sings at the top of his voice: “DeeeeliveroooooOOOOOOO!!”

Man: “Hey what are you doing in my fridge??!” 

Kangaroo: “Well your fridge is empty, so I’m here to tell you to just click on the Deliveroo app and we’ll bring all your favourite restaurants to you.”

Man: “Even Zizzis*?”

Kangaroo: “EVEN Zizzis*!! Deliveroo – quickly, tasty! T’s and C’s apply.”

*Think Zizzis got a specific name check because we were there for lunch last weekend!

Here’s the writer himself presenting the intro…

I have to say (and I know, I know - I would say this because I’m his Dad!) I’m really impressed with his work here! Simply and effectively communicating the message AND incorporating a super catchy hook. Nice!

I just wish his willingness to tidy his room was as highly developed as his understanding of advertising!! Maybe I could bribe him to tidy his room with a “DeeeeliveroooooOOOOOOO!!”

Graham Bridgewood