Finding Your Identity

Mark looks at why bespoke music is the perfect way to promote brand identity.

After almost 20 years of writing music for advertising and over 1000 tracks in my library, I’m still nowhere close to having a suitable track for every situation.

That’s because the options in creating a piece of music are infinite. And trying to cover every genre, mood or instrumentation for everyone’s requirements is impossible.

With this in mind, picking a well-known or existing piece of music that is a perfect fit for your business might not be as easy as you think. Maybe it’s too slow, too fast, too aggressive, not aggressive enough, you don’t like the trumpets, you like the trumpets but they’re too loud.

Creating your own bespoke music is an opportunity to use these infinite possibilities to find your company's true identity, and in doing so consider what your relationship is with your client base. 

  • What’s your demographic’s age?  
  • How would they describe your business, products, or services?  
  • How do you want them to feel about your brand when they hear your music?

At Get Carter Productions we can help you create that perfect piece of music from the endless possibilities, instead of using music that is just ‘close enough’.

So, get in touch today and let's talk bespoke music.

Mark T