Getting engaged?

Further to attending the Radiocentre’s “Tuning In” event in Manchester last week, Matthew gives us his thoughts on the state of the Radio nation.

Firstly, and at the risk of sounding sycophantic ‘what a fantastic event’ – I know I have to say this, seeing as we are associate Members of the Radiocentre.

However, those were the words of our client who attended, not mine. But for the avoidance of doubt - I loved it too!

The overriding feeling we were left with after the session, apart from what’s under Howard Donald’s hat – was that we really are part of an industry that is about to make a seismic shift in its standing in the media landscape.

When the AV planning Director from a global media network poses the question – How long before radio is a first channel buy? That’s exciting.

The research around ‘relevant moments and enhancing advertising engagement’ – is just another bullet to fire. We in the industry have always known and preached the benefits of this – but now with voice search and the explosion of smart speaker and connected device listening, radio is about to fulfil even more of its potential for the listener.

The opportunities around dynamic advertising on radio and audio platforms could yet prove to be a gamechanger for the consumer.

The clamour for sonic branding is gathering pace to the point that it will become the norm – if it hasn’t already.

And if that wasn’t enough – the talent being attracted to the industry continues to amaze and impress.

The more we concentrate on engaging the listener, and so - the end consumers, the better chance we have of being relevant.

Anyway that’s what we do at Get Carter Productions. We engage brands with their consumers. Are you engaged?

Matthew Bromham