How To Prove Your Radio Ad Is Working

If you want ‘radio reassurance’, and if you feel your commercials could be working harder this is a must for you

In a world where digital marketing offers the data and certainty clients and media buyers love, one of the commonest questions asked about Radio Advertising is how to really measure its success.

Get Carter Productions and DRG aim to bust several myths, and show how it’s possible to know if your commercial and your media choices are the right ones.

Radio Ad

Using the power of Radio Gauge - a test/control test methodology, we’ll explain how this campaign analysis is a vital tool to help maximise your investment in radio, and how judging your commercials from the listeners point of view is the only way to make creative decisions.

This session is a must for media buyers and clients who want ‘radio reassurance’, and anyone who feels that their commercials could be working harder.

This is delivered as part of  Radio Centre RADIO AUDIO WEEK – for tickets and more information book here.

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