It's time for a change

Will Simon keep it up?

I don’t do New Year resolutions.

I’m constantly beaten down and guilt-ridden by my inability to keep them and my shocking lack of willpower. I had a gym membership and they tried to kill me on some medieval torture inspired machine called a “cross trainer”.

But I will be making some lifestyle changes, soon, honestly.

A couple of years ago I did a special diet, 600 calories a day, (although you were allowed up to 800) for 8 weeks. It’s not a diet to lose weight but one to shock the body into producing insulin and reversing type 2 diabetes. (Google the Newcastle Diet). It was tough. But doable and would save the NHS a lot of money in the treatment of diabetes. The two hardest bits were the last 3 days of the diet (when you could see the finish line and your mind was promising you all sorts of congratulatory treats) and the maintaining of some kind of healthy eating regime after the diet.

On the latter, I completely failed. The weight has gone back on and I need to shift it again. Actually, not ALL the weight. I lost a lot of muscle mass which hasn’t been replaced quite yet.

But this time I need to make a 52-week plan, not an 8 week one! A plan with no “finish line”

Meanwhile, there is a pack of mince pies that needs finishing… and Aldi have some really nice reduced-price Christmas puddings!

Let’s drink to Chinese New Year Resolutions… if you haven’t given up drinking!

Simon Rushton