Legacy – it starts now

Why one person’s death could change your life.

If you’re involved in ‘Radio’ there’s a name you’ll almost certainly know. It’s John Myers, who sadly and unexpectedly passed away a couple of days prior to me writing this.

Although I never actually met John myself – remarkably our paths never crossed – it was a shock nevertheless.

Shocking because of the number of people who wanted to express their sadness at his departure, and tell the world how he’d had such a positive impact on their lives.

And this wasn’t just a few ex-colleagues or a small clique of anoraks – we’re talking everyone from national radio stars and industry leaders, right down to the technicians and ‘back room staff’ he had helped and encouraged over his career.

I think there comes a time when most people pause to take stock of what they might leave behind – and what, if any, legacy they’re contributing to right now. I’d guess that most of us want to provide for our families, honour our friends, and generally be thought well of at the end. This usually involves trying to work hard, be happy, and not upset too many people along the way.

I think it’s fair to say that John Myers must have gone a good deal further than that.

If John’s death teaches us anything it’s that if you really DO go the extra mile for the people you meet along the way, you will be remembered long after your demise with love and respect.

It sounds simple, but it takes a lifetime to perfect.

Paul Carter