The Legal Stuff

When does compliance become a crime?

“Ts and Cs apply”

We’re all very familiar with this commonly used sign off in radio adverts, but why is it there and do we really need it?

Let’s imagine a credit card company has a new platinum card offer - 0% interest on balance transfers for 5 years. You hear it on the radio and are inclined to get one yourself, so begins the application for your flashy new credit card.

Then somewhere along the line you discover that you must be over 18, hold a current account, have never incurred debt, have an annual income of £100,000, know 5 languages, be able to recite all 6 verses of ‘God Save the Queen’ - what a waste of time.

That’s why warnings such as “Ts and Cs apply” are essential in adverts. They let people know that there are certain requirements for the procurement of the product or service in question. They not only protect consumers from false advertising, but advertisers from irate customers who’ve been misled.

Sometimes, however, the need to be legally compliant can get a little out of hand with legal teams insisting on, not only dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, but underscoring the entire alphabet.

As Paul points out in this video, there’s a huge difference between being transparent in adverts and going overboard with needless, mind-numbing jargon:

Court adjourned.

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