Look At The Data

When it comes to Dynamic Audio Advertising, don't forget the basics...

We all know that successful digital marketing relies on fresh, up to date data. It’s vital, because the ability to target the right people with the right information is such a crucial part of most modern organisations’ success.

With dynamic radio advertising, we can now tailor individual audio messages to individual recipients – and use data to make the communications more relevant, and so more effective.

But here’s where it can get a bit tricky.

If I’m out and about and someone asks me for directions, it wouldn’t normally help either of us for me to know their name. Nor would the weather be a factor. Nor the time of day. The important data we both need to know is where we currently are, and where that person wants to go.

It's the same with dynamic advertising. If we personalise a message, but don’t go on to address how we can help the listener solve a problem or satisfy a desire, we’re simply posting an envelope through their door with nothing in it.

And remarkably, some clients seem to be OK with that – on the basis that they can account for the delivery with 100% certainty (which is so much more satisfying than looking at some RAJAR figures and a big old map!), irrespective of how ineffective the message is.

But beware – if your message ISN’T relevant or engaging enough to matter to the listener, at best they’ll ignore you, and at worst they’ll resent your over-familiarity and actively avoid you in the future.

Find out how you can combine data with desire to really get the response you want – get in touch with us today!

Paul Carter