Mass vs Micro

Do you target EVERYone? Or do you target the ONE? With Get Carter Productions you can do either – or both.

There’s been a lot of excitable chatter regarding ‘Dynamic Audio’ marketing recently. But with all of that talk, comes a lot of questions. WHY would I want to target customers individually? WHO can I target? Can I just talk to men, called Colin?.... in Cleckheaton

Explaining all of that, on each individual basis, would be a hardcore task let me tell you As, by its very nature, the questions raised by Dynamic Audio Targeting can be a bit like opening Pandora’s Box. Or more pertinently, like opening millions of Pandora’s Boxes! All at precisely the same time. 

So I’m going to keep this simple. More simple in fact, than a very simple person, who’s just graduated with a degree in simplicity from Simpletown University… 

If you want to talk to everyone, of all ages and persuasions, in a particular city, or region, and tell them to get down to one of your outlets and sample your product or service, I’d advise a LINEAR (or, traditional FM/DAB) radio campaign. 

So, linear audio = EVERYONE (100’s of thousands, or millions of people) 

Conversely, if you want to take advantage of the extremely personal and contextual relevance offered by engaging listeners, using millions of individually tailored messages mixed by broadcast servers at their very moment of transmission and then despatched directly to millions of individuals, like: Colin in Cleckheaton / Lucy in Loughborough and William in Wyerpiddle, then you should definitely consider DYNAMIC audio. 

So, dynamic = ONE (x millions of ‘individual ones’) 

And there you have it really. 

Have a think about what YOU need to do with your marketing, either a mass market traditional linear radio campaign, or, a highly targeted and personalised dynamic one, or both! Then, get in touch and have a chat to us about either. 

It really is that simple. 

Look forward to hearing from you. 

Mark Gregory