Mission Impossible?

The task of bettering a business should never end. Under any circumstances.

Two years ago, I wrote this.

It was a short ‘battle-cry’ announcing the launch of our “Creative Mission” at Get Carter Productions.

A lot has happened since then. We’ve met with blue chip companies in a host of categories, the length and breadth of the land. Including a global fast food chain, a national soft furnishings brand, a peer to peer lender, a charity, a lottery, a major utility and a credit card provider amongst many others.

We won new business too, and those clients benefited from our unrivalled expertise in harnessing the power of sound to engage customers, it was all going so well. And the words ‘pandemic’ or ‘furlough’ never once passed our lips in any of those immensely productive meetings.

So now, as the world attempts to limp out of lockdown, should our creative crusade be dubbed ‘mission implausible’?

No, far from it I believe. And here’s why.

First, I have to emphasise of course, that for every business and brand anywhere - including our own, these are unchartered, unprecedented, and yes… somewhat worrying times.

But if the natural response to the situation we collectively find ourselves in is to batten down the hatches, cut costs, freeze marketing budgets and hope to ride out the storm, then it’s a safe bet that we’ll wake up in a whole new and worse world of hurt, a year or two down the line.

So if, like us, your business or brand is looking to go on the offensive, to cultivate new ideas and new approaches in line with new consumer behaviours which are forming and being learned daily, then we need to talk.

The insurance company, the online car-retailer, the train operator, the value family fashion chain, the DTC online pet-food disruptor, the global car rental company. We need to talk to all of you. And we will.

I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of our initial ‘Zoom chemistry call’. But there are things you really need to know about the particular powers of radio and audio marketing during the pandemic.

Like how radio has “the highest influence on happiness and energy in over 70% of day parts across the week”, compared to online and tv *. A compulsive fact, given that listening has soared to even greater heights since that research surfaced in March.

How dynamic audio can be used to create personal and contextually relevant messages to listeners on connected devices. With millions of personalised versions of the same ad being mixed and served instantaneously at the moment of transmission. Again, particularly relevant – taking into account ever changing consumer behaviours at this time.

Or, how commissioning the right music or sonic audio for your brand, can result in your campaign being 96% more likely to be remembered ** A frankly staggering fact, and a great starting point to begin building (or re-building) any brand for a fitter future.

So, is my task really ‘mission impossible’? I’d like to think not. And in closing, I do hope that we could be discussing all the very real possibilities for radio and audio marketing with your brand very soon.

I’ll be in touch, and I look forward to talking with you.

Mark Gregory


*Source: Radiocentre London

** Source: Professor Adrian North – Herriot Watt University Edinburgh