No pain, no gain…

Are you sitting comfortably?

I’m a lucky guy. I get to dream up radio commercial scripts, then I go and direct the voiceovers for them in our beautiful air-conditioned production studios.

It’s much better than digging holes for a living.

But I’ve recently discovered that it’s possible to suffer for your art, even if it only involves typing word documents and emails.

In my unending pursuit for the perfect radio ad I have neglected my posture - and ignored the many clues that my desk, chair, monitors, mouse, keyboard, speakers and hot beverage have probably ALL been in the wrong places. For years.

It turns out that just a few millimetres of maladjustment can turn a lithe and limber 20-something into a hunched and wretched cripple – given enough time, and enough phone calls accepted while you continue to try and type.

History is littered with people who have fallen prey to in-ergonomic workplaces.

Did you know that Igor originally managed Count Dracula’s thriving social media accounts?

Richard III was also a jobbing video editor in his spare time.

And guess who looked after Notre Dame’s data inputting requirement before he became their campanologist?

I’m not saying you have to sustain a debilitating injury to be great at what you do, but while you’re striving for perfection it can be easy to forget the body that transports all that brain power around.

Look after it, otherwise you get to find out what an Osteopath or Chiropractor can do – legally, and for money – to otherwise innocent hardworking people.

Paul Carter