Go Your Own Way

Why using bespoke music might be the better option for your brand...

Music is an amazing thing. It can make you feel emotions you felt decades ago as soon as you hear it.  

For instance, ‘Seasons in the Sun’ from 1974 still makes me feel the way I did then; ‘Wow that’s a really sad song’ - I was 4.

It can also transport you back to family holidays when you hear the first few ‘Awim-aways’ of The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

The problem is, not all music connections are positive ones. Well known music tracks come with all sorts of baggage. One person could relate a song to a happy time in their life, while another could relate the same track to a difficult time.

A song’s meaning can also be misinterpreted. ‘Perfect Day’ by Lou Reed appears to be about a day spent with a loved one. When, in reality, he’s singing about his battle with drug addiction.

Finally, music can also be tarnished by association. I probably don’t need to tell you what happened to a campaign featuring the Jim’ll Fix It theme tune in 2012!

This is where bespoke music comes in. It's a clean sheet; untarnished by memories and scandal.

Bespoke music will connect to your brand and your brand only. It may take longer to gain traction than a well-known tune, but once it’s there, it’s there for life.

Music production can seem like a mysterious dark art to many, at Get Carter Productions we can guide you through the process. So, get in touch and let us help you find your sound.