Phew what a scorcher…!

Matthew gives us his take on talking about the weather

It’s so hot here that I saw two trees fighting over a dog.

It’s so hot here that I saw a chicken lay an omelette

Oh, how we laughed – ha, ha ,ha, ha , ha – not!

Well I did, but I’m a man in my prime – well late 40s who has yet to watch one episode of Love Island. Fortunately for the interests of our company and those we represent we have several members of the team addicted.

Where are these idle ramblings going I hear you say?

Well – I recently was fortunate to attend a session where the speaker was a chap by the name of Dave Thomas. He wore an outlandish shirt ( bordering on the garish…!), ridiculously pointy shoes and he never mentioned the weather.

He talked about people ,he talked about what drives us on, he talked about loads of interesting stuff – really useful stuff. But he never talked about the weather.

He showed me how to memorise stuff – loads of stuff – I am a novice but can now do a pack of cards!

He showed me how I can read faster and so process more information quicker and more efficiently. Really useful.

I loved it all – but why didn’t he talk about the weather. My mind was racing – is he not aware of the heat!

The session is one I will never forget. I follow Dave on LinkedIn and watch his podcasts. I’m getting nothing for this...he never talks about the weather.

Why,why,why? – doesn’t he talk about the weather?!?!?!?!?

Because he’s not a boring bastard.

If you want to talk radio and audio – whatever the weather, give us a shout. Now I am getting paid for that.

Matthew Bromham