The Pink Trophy

Using digital tech to have fun getting fit

Like everyone else in the world, I’ve recently been on a sort of “health kick” to try and lose some much-needed pounds. Obviously, you’d think I’m doing it to live a long and happy life but actually, it’s a lot vainer than that - I just want to look good naked as quickly as possible.

I’m sure you can all understand.

I kept it up best I could, going for nightly runs, the odd bike ride, and taking the dogs for as many walks as physically possible – their tiny feet can only carry on for so long. The thought of looking good naked was a good motivator but I soon realised that the “Pink Trophy” - as I’ve now labelled it, could only inspire me for so long before I gave up completely and started to eat cake for a living.

I was burnt out and needed help to try and keep my dreams alive of dancing around the living room completely starkers full-on singing to “This is me” whilst crying about how beautiful I truly am… I digress, but the point is I needed help.

So, let me tell you what’s currently working for me, and helping keep the “Pink trophy” vision alive and well.

  • Podcasts

I know what you’re thinking “Podcasts? What year is it? Aren’t they all dead now?!” I will admit I made the same mistake of thinking they were ashes in the wind, but like the good ol’ Phoenix of old they’ve risen from the ashes and are absolutely back in pop culture again. I listen to about 3 different podcasts whenever I’m out and about, and they absolutely help me forget about how utterly boring life is whenever I go for a run, or when I take the dog for its 12th walk of the week!

There’s a podcast for all, so have a quick little search online and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that’s completely right for you. I’d suggest something fun to try and take your mind off wanting to eat as much cake as physically possible.  

  • Pokémon Go

Now, this is where I may lose a lot of you but hear me out first. Pokémon Go may seem like a “kids” game but honestly, it’s a lot more interesting than you’d think! Pokémon Go is Nintendo’s augmented reality game that lets players enjoy collecting as many Pokémon as possible in a sort of virtual scavenger hunt using your smartphone. Everyone nowadays has a smartphone so there’s no excuse, you download the app – which is completely free by the way, then make an account and boom you’re ready to go!

I use it whenever I go for a walk, as the whole point of Pokémon Go is to get as many people out and about as possible. You have to leave the house in order to get Pokestops which are usually at landmarks around your village, town or city, and they give you Pokeballs - to catch Pokémon, Berries - to calm down the Pokémon and make them easier to catch, and Eggs - to hatch new Pokémon!

The eggs are a big part of the game as they will only hatch when you’ve walked a certain amount, it’s all dependent on the rarity of the egg. If you have kids, it’s a perfect app to get you all out of the house and spending valuable time together - the kids will love it and you’ll feel much better for actually getting out!

Also, if you’re like me and you grew up watching Pokémon, you’ll feel like a real-life Pokémon trainer! Win-win.

So, I’m still trying to achieve the “Pink Trophy” vision, but thanks to podcasts and Pokémon my dreams may not be dreams for much longer, I just have to push through and stop thinking about cake so much.

Eric Wansell