Radio and Digital Advertising

Digital Marketing has been a favourite medium for most companies looking to develop in 2020 and beyond – particularly SMEs.

The focussed targeting and proximity to a digital point of purchase are two of the key reasons for this.

However, many use this as their only form of advertising; without considering using other, more traditional mediums to boost their digital performance.

Radio is one such medium.

And there are several reasons that radio is the perfect companion to your digital-led campaign strategy.

In the latest RAJAR, we saw the highest digital listening figures ever, with 66% of the British public tuning in to digital radio each week.

21% of this listening occurred online, on computers or connected devices – with these listeners either simultaneously browsing, or having immediate access to a search engine.

That’s not to mention the 1 in 5 households that now have a smart speaker, which can be used to browse the web without glancing at a keyboard; 94% of which are used to listen to audio content.

But what does this mean for your advertising?

Well, simply: radio is the closest medium, bar digital, to web browsing.

In fact, the Radiocentre’s Online Multiplier Study found that exposure to a radio campaign boosted brand searching by 52%.

And the use of online devices, as mentioned before, is a clear reason for this boost; with 58% of these searches occurring within 24 hours of exposure to the radio campaign.

Not only is it more effective in driving web traffic, but cheaper too:

By reallocating a tenth of the marketing budget to radio, the same study found it to be four times more cost effective than other media in boosting web traffic.

This almost sounds too good to be true.

Well, hold your horses then. Whilst these figures look great, the fact is that you won’t achieve nearly what you’d now be expecting with an ineffective audio campaign.

So you need a good radio ad.

Your best solution?

Using a creative audio specialist.

Here at Get Carter, we know radio; and we’d love to let you know how we plan to boost the performance of your digital campaigns.

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Henry Clark