The Radio Creative Mission

We’re On An Elite Assignment To Benefit Your Business

As you read this, I’m sat back at my desk looking all relaxed. I’ve spent the last fortnight with my family sunning ourselves during a magnificent ‘stay-cation’ on our wonderful Northumberland Coast.

Yes, I’ve been off re-charging my batteries, and you need to know why.

You see, whether you’re aware of it or not, here at Get Carter Productions, we’re on a mission. To become “the biggest and most successful commercial audio production company in the UK”. The interesting thing is, by a number of measurements, we already are. But the mission is all about growing our business even further, by helping you grow your business.

Which is why I needed the rest.

Because now I’m back, fully energised, and I’m coming to get you (in the nicest possible way of course) And although you may not know it yet, you’re going to love it.

So yes, I’m coming for you - pizza delivery franchise operator.

You too, national bathroom company.

Major regional rail companies, car finance providers, sofa specialists, soft furnishers and kitchen retailers, you’ll all be talking to Get Carter Productions before too long.

Because I’m making it my business to ensure that you fully understand the benefits of dealing with a true ‘specialist’ for your radio and audio production. Even if you retain an agency, like many of our clients do. See my thoughts on that relationship in my recent blog, The Specialist will see you now.

Unlike most of our competitors, at Get Carter Productions we’re not content to just churn out local radio ads for double glazing companies and the like. As an elite team of award-winning radio specialists with unmatched experience and expertise in the industry, we already operate at a level that sees us dealing daily with international motor manufacturers, global fast food chains and national retail operations.

We provide unrivalled creative audio expertise, resulting in some significant return on investment. We have a great story to tell about our Radio Creative Mission and now I’m back from my ‘jollies’, I’m going to be telling it to YOU.

Mark Gregory