Radio excellence

Matthew gets a positive reminder from a supplier.

I was in a meeting yesterday where I needed to be reminded by a supplier that we are bloody great at what we do. Of all the people that need to be reminded I never thought for a second that it would be me.

It was a classic example of practise what you preach.

For regular readers of our blog – yes, we have them! - we often write about our successful experiences – that vary from interviews to holidays.

We talk about our ambitions as a company and as individuals - even for our pets!

We write about real life experiences that we deem of interest mostly with humorous anecdotes and a moral of the story type pay off.

Well, that’s all well and good, and if I say so myself I am extremely proud of our blogs and what the team here at Get Carter Towers contribute towards them.

However, I am now going to appease one of our suppliers and embarrass some of our team by copying and pasting extracts from the last three emails I have personally received from clients singing our praises.

The names have been removed to protect the innocent.

“I'm really excited about the new radio going live. It's a cracking idea, and Lee as VO has also really brought it to life. He's been great over the years and the process yesterday was so quick and efficient - thanks in no small part to Gxxxxm it was pretty much one listen from us and then we all approved the first version we had over.”

“Working together, nothing but happy with the process there, we're a small team and going through some recruitment challenges (getting people in quick enough) so support and efficiency is really key. Gxxxxxx’s a huge asset to us on that front and I know Caroline's appreciated the speed and input we get from him”

“All good so far...early results this year on the brand side of things are also really encouraging awareness figures are holding true but we've seen big growth in consideration and purchase intention, which is key as we need them to buy as well as be aware of us!”

“The team really knocked the ball out the park with the new creative, we are all so pleased with the new ads and can't wait to hear them on the air next week! The speed at which you can turn your ads around, which for me is a great benefit, it means that our ads can be more relevant and have better context for messaging”

There, I’ve done it.

We are specialists in commercial audio production. We have a team of bloody great radio creative specialists. The commercials we produce can be heard across the UK radio network every day. The music production facility is supersonic…!

All in all, if you or your company aren’t using us to create and produce your radio advertising you need to ask yourself “Why not?”

Matthew Bromham