Sessions From Hell

When voice sessions take a hellish turn.

It’s 11am Monday morning 2005. 

We have a celebrity voice booked into a London studio for an hour-long ISDN session to record a series of national radio ads. The celebrity voice happens to be a national treasure, who will remain nameless, and we’re genuinely excited to be working with her.

She arrives in the voice booth and after exchanging niceties and setting levels we prepare to go for a take. However, she’s not happy with the scripts! How it’s punctuated isn’t to her liking and she’s not too keen on some of the words either!

We try to explain the process the scripts go through to get to the recording stage but she’s not having it. So, she changes them.

Then, she decides it would be much better if she read the scripts with a Scottish accent, which resulted in her being unrecognisable as the national treasure she was!

After 45 minutes of recording, in a Scottish accent, we finally got her to record some ‘backup’ versions of the original scripts in her own recognisable English accent. Thankfully these takes were exactly what we wanted from the session.

She was happy, we were happy and, most importantly, the client was happy.

Recording sessions like this aren’t unusual and at Get Carter Productions we’ve seen and heard it all…….so you don’t have to!