Simple is effective

Advertising? It's as simple as telling the truth.

Nothing is more compelling than a good story, or in advertising a good reason to buy what’s on offer.

Marketing teams across the globe spend countless hours trying to fabricate stories and reasons to buy nondescript products, but it’s usually an illusion – a construct that requires you to feel good about a ‘brand’ that’s frankly just like loads of others in the marketplace.

Cars, perfume, banks – they all rely on projecting an image and a lifestyle that is high on gloss, but VERY low on actual features and benefits.

So when you find an advertiser with a real, genuine, impressive and unique story to tell – but they’re too nervous to tell it – that’s about as frustrating as it can possibly be. 

And this is what happened with our latest client, Heron Foods. 

For years we’ve known that they can offer frankly incredible savings on foods and groceries – simply by acquiring available stock from the major ‘famous brands’ at just the right time in the buying cycle, then using their unique logistics network to get the products out to all their stores faster and cheaper than anyone else. That’s the story, that’s the reason, and that’s why customers would believe in the savings on offer. 

Except Heron Foods didn’t want to tell that story. They worried that it might ruffle feathers in their supply chain, and sour the great commercial relationships that made it possible.

But then something changed, and in the most competitive marketplace the sector has seen, it became impossible NOT to let the public know that Heron Foods offers famous brands at ‘Low Prices Every Day’.

So the latest radio commercials we’ve produced are disarmingly simple. We highlight a product at a price that’s hard to resist, and invite the listener to ‘Get Down’ to their nearest Heron Foods to find that and loads more. We don’t need to manufacture a reason to visit – it’s there for all to see – so our role centres around keeping the radio message as clean, clear and classy as the brand deserves. We KNOW new customers will be impressed – we know they’ll be surprised – so we don’t really need to tell them they will be. 

It’s a simple truth and we love it.

Paul Carter

What do you think about simple advertising?