Size Doesn't Matter

It’s how you use your marketing that counts.

When it comes to marketing a brand, the first thing that needs to be established has to be its identity.

And to form that identity, there’ll no doubt be painstakingly long hours spent choosing a logo, font style and size, colour scheme, accompanying graphics, a strapline, maybe even a mascot – but few businesses will think about how their brand sounds.

Which is a shame really, and quite simply, wasted potential.

If we look at some of the most recognisable brands, practically all of them have an audio identity.

When you hear the jovial ‘I’m lovin’ it’ whistle, you instantly connect it to McDonalds, Jess Glynne’s Hold My Hand is unmistakably Jet2holidays, and I bet if I say to you, “sing the words Moonpig dot com”, you’ll mirror the exact same melody of the brand’s official sound. The same sound that’s wormed its way into your subconscious through years of exposure and emotional connection.

Audio branding works – through frequency, distinction, and personality.

But it’s not just big brands that can benefit from an audio identity. Smaller brands can too.

In fact, it’s probably more beneficial to smaller brands as they’re the ones who need to boost consumer recognition, and audio branding is the perfect way to do this. It cuts through the onslaught of information that can be too overwhelming for people to process and allows instant brand recall through the power of a simple musical beat.

Seems like a winning approach, doesn’t it? So, what’s holding brands back?

One of the primary factors is the fear of cost. Years ago, the only way to advertise with audio was via television and radio broadcast campaigns, which was heavily monopolised by corporation giants. This is no longer true today. With the growth in digital audio consumption (podcasts, smart speakers, social media and online streaming), audio advertising has become much more affordable and therefore more accessible to any business.

Now the only thing that’s holding your brand back is, well, you.

So, whether it’s a sonic logo, bespoke music or a well-known track, there are plenty of options available, and at Get Carter Productions, we can help you determine what path’s best for your business. Then once your brand has established its sound, it’s just a matter of exposing the consumer to it consistently to reap the benefits.