Sonic Branding

Sonic branding can be the most powerfully emotive and expressive weapon in the branding armoury (‘Sonic Branding’, D.M. Jackson, 2003).

But it’s something most businesses miss.

Sound says more than an image, and it is less escapable.

In creating a sonic representation of your brand values, using music and/or snappy taglines, you can make your brand immediately identifiable to a customer without them even seeing you.

You can play your new sonic brand on radio, and across any other touchpoint: the more people hear it, the more effective it is!

Any 90's kid will recognise the deep ingrained sound of a PlayStation 2 starting up.

Microsoft XP’s startup sound, five seconds and five-notes long, is iconic to the point that a clip of it has 6.8 million views on YouTube.

Here at Get Carter Productions, we understand the integral value of sonic branding, and would love to discuss how we could help make your brand the biggest earworm in the UK.

Henry Clark