Super Duper Puppy Cuteness!

Relax with a nice cuppa at your local dog cafe

“Can we have a dog?”


“Can we have a dog!?”


“Can we have a dog!?!”


“Can we have a… wait... haven’t we been here before!?”

Yes, we have.

Unfortunately, the arrival of Mike and Brownie (see previous blog) only postponed the inevitable return to the same question.

Fortunately, the arrival of a new phenomenon has provided a welcome fix of K9 companionship for the Thompson girls.

Dog and Cat cafés have been springing up around Newcastle providing its clientele with the opportunity to experience the wonderment of owning far too many cats and dogs at once.

Sounds great, so which one to choose…. Catpawcino? No. Mog on the Tyne? Nope. Dog & Scone (which doesn’t work in a northeast accent)? Yes!

We had to book a table a week in advance, such is its popularity, but the day came soon enough.

First thing Sunday morning we trundled into town, paid the entrance fee, £5, and we were introduced to the team:

Momo (toy poodle) …

…Lucky (Bichon Fries, Policeman) ...

…Yuki (Yorkshire Terrier) …

…Laughing (Pug) …

…and Sugar (Pomeranian).

Secretly, I was hoping that the experience would be a bit overwhelming and put them off, but when the door opened and this lot emerged I knew it would probably make things worse!

I didn’t think it would be a pack of Staffies, but this level of cuteness was totally uncalled for!

The staff were great, making sure that the girls got to play with all the dogs and have a hold, while I relaxed and enjoyed my coffee and cake.

After a while other doggie desperadoes arrived and started to vie for their attention. This did not go down well with my two, but everyone was careful not to let their emotions get the better of them.

An hour passed, and it was all over. The girls said goodbye to the dogs and we left, K9 urges seemingly satisfied, and not a penny spent on vet bills and extortionate insurance.

A few steps later...

“Can we go again?”


“Can we go again!?”


“Can we go again!?!”


Mark Thompson