Talking Dirty

Rubbish bins groan with pleasure

Here at Get Carter Productions we’ve been handed some interesting voice-casting conundrums over the years, But I would love to have been a fly on the wall wherever the brief landed for a new Scandinavian anti-litter scheme.

Rubbish bins in the city of Malmo have started groaning with pleasure and making sexually suggestive comments, when trash is inserted into them, as part of a new initiative to prevent littering.

Footage in the video below shows one of the bins saying 'thank you', 'aaah that was nice', 'oh, right there, yes' and 'mmm more', seductively in Swedish - as the opening is swung back and forth.

Marie Persson, section chief of the city's road departments, said: “The talking bins are part of the campaign's intention to get more people to talk about the dirtiest thing there is: littering”.

She says that the idea of the sexy voice is a “new, humorous way to get across our message” and is meant to offer “a positive reinforcement to people who do the right thing, by giving them a laugh”.

The bins have both saucy male and female voices, with the latter being acted by Swedish rapper – JOY.

Now, you may have heard BBC 5 Live pick up on this story in their Breakfast Show this morning, featuring an English voice! Well the great news is… we work with the talent they featured, “Sonic Slattern” – Emma Clarke, every day! So whatever vocal you need for your next audio project, from a ‘breathy-bin’, to a ‘babbling Brummy’, and all points in between, it pays to consult with the ‘audio authority’.

To talk about voice-casting, or for that matter - writing, production music, or sonic brand triggers, for your next audio or radio project, just get in touch. We look forward to talking to you soon (in a completely ‘clean’ fashion of course)

Mark Gregory