Teamwork makes your Dream work- Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

It’s been a while since I’ve taken to the blog to write about my other passion Rugby Union – or more specifically Welsh Rugby.

I’ve been struggling with content for a couple of weeks and then manna from heaven, France versus Wales on the TV in the potential Championship and Grand slam decider. I should mention that only Wales were in a position to win the Grand Slam – a clean sweep of all the other five teams in the championship. 

As the spectacle unfolded we all realised we were watching something very special. We were witnessing players so proud to be representing their respective countries that they were calling on reserves of courage and energy that I don’t think they even knew they had. 

The game was a spectacle even for the non rugby loving public – it had it all drama, romance, violence, comedy at times – all it was missing was a scene of a sexual nature for it to have troubled the censor. On that point the fact that the second half was after the watershed should have set the alarm bells ringing from a horror perspective. 

The last 13 minutes (Oh no! I’m not even superstitious…) was nothing short of brilliance – cruel brilliance for myself. The France of old would have sloped off for a Gitanes and a cheeky glass of Red well before this point. Not this time – well they do have a fiercely determined and professional coach in English born, Welsh named Shaun Edwards. (Look him up on Google and type Challenge Cup final broken jaw…) 

Wales lost by 2 points after being 10 points up with 10 minutes to go. No complaints from this fiercely proud Welshman – on the night the best team won. 

Wales will learn from this experience and I’ve read all sorts about it haunting the players for years to come. Of course it will but it may just be the lesson that we need to really challenge for the next World Cup – positive out of a negative/clutching at straws I hear you say… maybe, maybe not. 

Sometimes you’ve got to fall short to get better – there’s nothing wrong with falling short as long as you learn from it. 

As a team at Get Carter Productions we actively encourage our team to push the boundaries and throw stuff in the bin if that’s what’s needed. Do we win every pitch – no. Does everything we write go to air – no. It hurts sometimes – it really does but we pride ourselves on learning and always strive to get better and get the best results for our clients. 

If you want to talk Rugby or radio/audio production give me a shout. 


Matthew Bromham