Technology in Business

Technology isn’t something you should fear, but something you should embrace to make your business grow.

We use technology daily. From our computers, mobiles, and tablets; to emails, social media and websites. Technology helps us communicate with the world. It opens pathways we didn’t have before. It’s simple, and it’s instant.

Technology has improved communication in the workplace. We are now more able to speak to our clients in more ways than before, with many preferring the option of email. Of course, we still love a good chat on the phone and in person with a cuppa; but there are more options out there; which can sometimes be more effective. For example, ten years ago we could only buy a car in person at a physical depot. Now we can show interest on a website, get a video sent to our phone, and then email our details over to purchase a car in a matter of minutes or hours and we don’t have to leave our seats.

Times have changed. And it’s wonderful.

Technology has become a dynamic friend throughout. Not only is it there to help us reach a different audience, but it’s there to guide us. It’s our portal to another world. Any information we need is just a click away. We used to have to go to libraries and find out something as trivial as “who is the richest man in the world?” It now takes literally 30 seconds to find out on Google. It’s Bill Gates in case you were wondering. Albeit books are still useful and trusty resources, technology offers us even more at the touch of a button.

Technology is an everchanging pocket of scientific achievement. It’s constantly improving on a day to day basis and is only going to continue to get better. It’s important to us in many ways, not only as a business but as individuals. Such as social media, communication, travel, networking, research, shopping, and entertainment. We should embrace the change of technology and use it to reach a wider audience, to advertise ourselves on a new medium, to listen to our new customers; and to bask in the technological achievement that us as humans have developed.

An old quote that we could use is “adapt or die”, or if that’s too primeval; we would say to embrace change and don’t let it scare you. We have enhanced our businesses so much over the years, with thanks to technology. We can continue to thrive and love what we do thanks to the wonders of technology.

Eric Wansell