We’ve Come A Long Way...

A photographic find sets Graham off on a nostalgia trip

I found this old photo on our work server the other day. I’m carbon dating it to circa 2003... 

...approximately SIXTEEN years ago!!! 

There’s been a LOT of changes since then (about 2 stone and a 1000 grey hairs for me for starters!) and it got me to thinking about how far we’ve come and what we’ve achieved since then. 

This photo was taken in our second home, where we decided it would be a pretty straight-forward task to self-build our studios – the sound was actually awesome but if I never see another piece of rockwool insulation again it’ll be too soon! 

There were 3 of us back then, a small team but with BIG potential, as time has proven. Steering the ship was our founder and creative director Paul Carter on the left, in centre spot is our music and commercial producer Mark Thompson and working alongside Paul on the creative that’s me – Graham Bridgewood – on the right. 

From small acorns, we started to build our reputation and soon were creating a mix of regional and national commercials for clients and agencies across the land – with, for reasons I was never able to fathom, a plethora of work coming from clients based hundreds of miles away in Bristol! 

The business grew and grew and 5 years ago it felt like it was time to take the next step with a big move to our purpose-built studios overlooking the Tyne – what a superb place to work! 

And, oh how we’ve grown... 

Our team is now 10 strong with a collection of the most talented and experienced radio creatives in the UK...incredible in-house music composition and production...and a support team that are quite frankly epic! 

And, because it’s all about the work, I started reflecting on the incredible brands we’ve worked with over the years – including many that we’ve partnered with for over a decade: 

Alfa Romeo...Toolstation...Vertu Motors and Bristol Street...BBC Good Food Show...Van Monster...Rugby Football League...Peter Vardy Motors...Heron Foods...Subway...Newcastle United. 

Anyway, time to rap up my nostalgia trip and start looking forward again - we’re ambitious to bring even more amazing clients into the Get Carter fold. Onwards and upwards as they say. 

So, if you’d like to meet to chat about your radio creative (and you want to find out how well we’ve aged!!) just get in touch. 

Graham Bridgewood