What Happens Next?

At some point in time the current lockdown will come to an end, and we’ll be told it’s ‘business as usual’.

But how will you and your company emerge from the fight against CV19?

Will you stagger from the shadows bloodied and battered – waiting for a miracle, or the towel to be thrown in, because your plan was just to ‘wait and see what happens’…

Or will you step into the light - energised with a great recovery plan, a team of motivated people, and customers who understand and like what you’re offering.

At Get Carter Productions we learned that in the aftermath of 2008, the strongest and most successful companies were those that continued to enthusiastically invest in advertising – priming a market with clear communications and attractive offers - not cutting the spend that stimulates growth.

It’s really simple. People are more likely to make their post-pandemic purchases from firms who are offering goods and services strongly and confidently, showing the world they’re ready for business.

We’ve already seen some amazing examples of the right way to cope in a crisis, and a few complete PR and HR disasters. But the fight isn’t over yet. However unprepared you might have felt going into this, at Get Carter Productions we’d like to help you come out if it more than just a survivor. Why not plan now to be a stronger and more prosperous business than before?

If you want a fast, clear, trusted, tried and tested way of communicating that you’re back and open for business – we can work with your media partners to make it happen.

Fail to plan – plan to fail.

Contact the team here at creative@getcarterproductions.co.uk – or talk to Matthew Bromham on 0797 700 3439