What’s in a Website…

“…would look as sweet.” How our website’s new look can inspire your marketing strategy.


Right, not only have I got your attention, I believe I’ve pretty much demonstrated the frustration most businesses have felt during the current climate. 

It’s no secret that we’ve all had to rethink the way we operate, from making the workplace safe to restructuring; from switching to virtual meetings to working from home, but there’re two aspects that stand out as the key for future success - re-evaluating your marketing strategy and budget spend. 

Without a doubt, the vast majority of businesses are currently taking stock and asking the questions: “Is our strategy still viable during these unprecedented times?” And “is it cost effective?” 

There’s one form of advertising that can reply in the affirmative to both of those questions - Radio Advertising. 

It remains the most trustworthy form of highly targeted, budget friendly marketing with a lucrative and growing profit ROI, and its quick turnaround means you can adapt to any situation without being left behind. 

Then there’s sonic branding and dynamic audio to consider. Perhaps the key to your brand’s success lies with instant recall from a unique sound identity, or maybe it’s via precise, personalised one-to-one audio messaging. The opportunities for using audio as a marketing tool are there for the taking, you just need to grab them. 

Now it’s easy for me to tell you to change your approach to get a better result; essentially talking the talk, but what about walking the walk? 

Well, we’ve definitely put one foot forward at Get Carter Productions by investing in the redesign of our website to reflect our evolving business. 

Being visible is pretty much the driving force behind advertising so why hide all you have to offer behind closed doors, right? So here we are, showing you exactly what we can do. 

Okay, so maybe we can’t fully show you our music guru Mark’s full range of talent, or how Henry lives and breathes sonic branding and its marketing prowess. That comes when you welcome us as your creative partners, but what we can give you is a brief glimpse of the ways we can help you successfully navigate these times of uncertainty, and ultimately, take your brand forward. 

So, while you’re here, take a look at ‘Our Services’ and let us show you the power of audio advertising.

Kathryn Humphreys