Who are you?

You live by your brand values, but are your customers hearing that?

Most brands have guidelines. You know the sort of thing. Voluminous documents containing visual font preferences, point sizes and colour references. 

But in your audio-space, what does ‘16pt Abadi Extra Light Pantone 7665C’ actually SOUND like? 

It’s a really important question, and it’s one we’re more than capable of helping you answer.

So, what’s your businesses tone of voice? 

Are you playful and whimsical? 

Or are you solid and sturdy? 

Are you chatty and friendly? 

Or are you perhaps aloof and informative? 

If your business were a musical act would it be Little Mix, Mozart, or Metallica? 

When people listen to your business, are you talking to them in a soothing whisper, or are you hoping that through your brazen bellowing, you will browbeat your potential customer into submission? 

As I said, really important questions, and all essential in helping build an appropriate identity for your products and services – through sound. 

Whether that be the earworm of a short ‘sonic identity’ ala the McDonalds ‘whistle’, a memorable piece of music like Coca Cola, or a well known voice such as Rob Bryden? 

Just exactly how do you want to be heard? 

To find whether your business should speak like Ray Winston or… Ru Paul – talk to us at Get Carter Productions. We’re the experts. 

We look forward to your call. 

Mark Gregory