Dynamic Audio Advertising


Developed by Johnson & Johnson, Aveeno Baby is a unique range of toiletries designed for babies and young children with sensitive skin.


The main objective of the campaign was to raise awareness of the specific products in the Aveeno Baby range, by targeting new and expectant mothers. With a wide range of lifestyle benefits and baby skin types to consider, the decision to move away from a more traditional linear campaign allowed us to target the mums more relevantly and directly with a dynamically delivered campaign.


In partnership with A Million Ads, we created a script with audio options that differentiated and targeted the listeners individually by location, baby’s age, weather, time of day, daily activities, and Aveeno product relevance. This also involved working with the Radio Centre and the compliance team on the client’s side, to make sure any claims made in the commercials were supported.

Recorded using the brand’s preferred voice over, and a sympathetic music backing created by Get Carter Productions, we created up to XXX possible variants of the Aveeno Baby message.

These were successfully delivered ‘live’ to the target audience’s connected devices as part of their usual radio listening routine.

‘Get Carter Productions understood how to create a suite of dynamic ads that individually targeted the specific people we wanted to reach, but which also sounded unforced and naturally persuasive. The client was delighted with the results, and so were we.’ 

Kim Aspeling

Creative Solutions Manager, A Million Ads