Tactical Radio Advertising


As a relatively new entrant into the highly competitive ‘super-fast fibre broadband’ market, Full Fibre’s “FIBRE HEROES” brand already needed to be eye-catching in order to gain the necessary stand-out. But for their inaugural ‘Instream’ digital audio campaign, the creative also needed to be totally EAR-catching too. That’s where we came in. 


Following the established Fibre Heroes brand style, and developing it for the audio medium, Get Carter Productions worked quickly, within incredibly tight deadlines - to deliver the right scripts. Before successfully navigating the necessary compliance procedures, and eventually producing and delivering the audio with minutes to spare! Heroes, indeed!


Taking our lead from their upcoming TV campaign, we provided Fibre Heroes with the perfect audio accompaniment. Featuring the typical ‘fibre-reliant family’ – with a twist. As we introduced a rather saucy Grandma, with a penchant for dating apps!  The result… a slick, amusing, and memorable audio addition to the Fibre Heroes marketing portfolio.

“I love the no-nonsense approach at Get Carter Productions.  

By the end of a 20 minute video call, I was satisfied they had everything they needed to take the project forward. 

And then, within a matter of days, everything was sorted and we had our digital audio campaign ready to go, with a great commercial. Despite the scary deadlines we were all working to!”

Kirstie Looms

Director, WAU Agency