Tactical Radio Advertising


How Fit is a new, NHS-approved exercise plan devised by consultant physician Dr Steve Parry and his team and promoted by leading North East design and digital agency, Jump. How Fit’s aim is to improve the mobility and confidence of its users by helping to build muscle and improve balance through a range of regular, simple exercises. Its launch has proved especially timely in light of the effects on mobility of recent lockdowns and shielding.


To promote the How Fit launch, Jump organised a leaflet door drop to over 1 million households and identified radio advertising as the perfect medium to support the mail marketing. Get Carter were brought on board to devise and create an audio brand sound and set of commercials to promote the launch. 


We quickly determined that a ‘clinical expertise’ message wouldn’t be the most effective way to engage with the target audience; the commercials instead had to come from a place of empowerment, encouragement and uber-positivity- everything had to shout the sentiment of “you CAN do it!”. And the end results have delivered a bright, uplifting campaign that gets people smiling…and moving to the How Fit exercises! 

"Get Carter really got what we’re all about and devised a campaign that perfectly targeted our audience. The scripts, the voices, the music were exactly what we were looking for – and the end results were superb!"

Rob Brown

Managing Director, JUMP