Bespoke Music


Nairn’s has been producing delicious oat-based products for over a century and they’ve grown to become a huge success story not just in Scotland but across the globe.
They’re enjoyed at home and abroad, from Aberdeen to Athens, Amsterdam and Atlanta! 

Working with their agency, The Lane, Nairn’s is undertaking a huge broadcast campaign – “Nything Goes” - to further promote their message of “healthy eating to delight you every day” UK-wide.


The Lane came to Get Carter Productions with a highly developed creative proposition for a TV and online campaign already in place – and work had begun on the visual aspects. They knew the music would be key to the project and, having worked with Get Carter previously on bespoke music projects, they briefed us in to compose and produce bespoke music that would deliver the perfect soundtrack to the campaign. 


The visuals were bright, unconventional, packed with energy and a quirky feel. The brief was to compose an equally quirky and lively 1920s trad-jazz piece that would match but also with a contemporary twist that would bring it right into the now. And so was born the track “Flapper”. 

“You can’t underestimate how crucial a part music can play in broadcast creative, it can really elevate a campaign to the next level.

Music was going to be really important to this project, we knew we needed something special and Get Carter totally nailed it.

I’d definitely recommend them.”

Ian Fletcher

Creative Director, The Lane Agency